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Skateparks by Rampage are unique skating environments custom designed and manufactured to suit the community's needs and its skater's desires.

Our skateparks can be found in municipalities, military bases, private organizations, and backyards throughout the country and around the world. Our high-quality equipment and installations have been proven to stand the tests of both skaters and time.

We invite you to browse our web site to learn more about our design, construction, and installation processes as well as our community involvement.


Before you buy a ramp this season, we'd like to show you the difference betweeen the most commonly purchased ramps and ours...

Did you know that aside from designing and building some of the best skateparks in the world, we also design, build, sell, and install our own line of backyard skatepark equipment?

Unlike the mass-produced items that are typically found in sporting goods stores, our skatepark equipment is manufactured to professional grade standards to ensure safety and durability. We make backyard skateboarding equipment that we guarantee you will never need to replace.

Our affordable line of high-quality equipment is a perfect choice for home use, and for smaller organizations as well. We offer both the equipment and the expertise to assist you in building your own skatepark!

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Rampage Skate Shop
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Store Hours: Mon - Sun, 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM


In addition to being a worldwide skatepark manufacturer, we also have a retail skate shop! Visit us in-store, or shop online.

The Rampage Skate Shop opened its doors in November, 2010 offering a wide variety of products including skateboards and skateboard parts, clothing, skate accessories, art supplies, and even backyard skatepark equipment.

We carry all major brands such as DC, Plan B, Girl, Chocolate, Bodega, Gozer, Dirty Ghetto Kids, Death Wish, Shake Junt, Baker, Spitfire, Element, Creature, Low Card, Anti Hero, Zoo York, Grizzly, LRG, Lakai, Independent, Royal, Thunder, Venture, Pusher, Defiant, Alien Workshop, Dark Star, Ricta, Bones, and more.

We also carry our own unique line of Rampage hoodies, tee's, skateboards, and custom skatepark equipment. We make grind rails, grid boxes, launch ramps, wedge ramps, quarterpipes, halfpipes, and more... all customized to your order!

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