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Rampage has the experience and expertise to ensure that your skatepark is continually durable and safe.

Skatepark Maintenance

Skate Park Maintenance

Rampage offers the necessary services and materials for the repair and replacement of Skatelite (phenolic composite laminate) skating surfaces, steel surfaces, and concrete repair. We also have skate park maintenance and repair crews on the road that can respond to scheduled or emergency repairs at your site. We are familiar with the product lines of Rampage, Spohn Ranch, HotRails and more.

There are thousands of Skatelite surfaced skateparks in service today that need inspections and follow up maintenance. Surface replacement is usually needed for 8 to 12 year old ramps. The galvanized steel frames are relatively timeless with little repair needed. However, surface sheet maintenance, repair, and replacement remain necessary.

Download our Skate Park Maintenance PDF.

Skate Park Inspections

Skate park inspections and skate park maintenance are the most effective way to limit your liability and ensure a safe environment for your skaters and bikers.

Scheduled walk through inspections of your skate park looking for worn and damaged skating surfaces, any irregular surfaces that are skated, and a look at the overall condition of the equipment is a must. Conditions that could cause hazards should be closed to skating, and repairs scheduled as soon as possible.

We will be happy to help with this evaluation and with your methods of repair. You may send pictures and descriptions of your problems or questions to info@skateparkramps.com.


Repair and Refurbishing at East Hampton, NY Skate Park

Existing ramp before repairs

Frame rehabilitation

Repaired and resurfaced

On-site Skatelite surface milling and installation

Existing ramp before repairs


Repaired and resurfaced
Completed project

Concrete Skate Park Maintenance

Like any material, concrete needs maintenance and often when deteriorated beyond repair, replacement - as with the flats of the Wethersfield, CT Skate Park.

Several factors could have caused the failure of the flat concrete of the skate park flow area shown below. Wet, sloppy, low-strength concrete with low cement content and without adequate entrained-air which was the case with the original design mix.

Concrete that is prematurely floated or toweled while added water or bleed water is on the surface tends to scale when subjected to saturated freezing. Remixing water into the top of the slab can cause the formation of a crust of surface laitance that will scale. In addition, finishing concrete before the bleed water comes to the surface can entrap water under the finished surface, forming a weakened zone or void, which can result in scaling or surface delamination.

Several repairs failed before Rampage was hired to permanently solve the problem. The flats were saw cut, bad concrete removed, new drainage and sub-grade installed then placed and finished correctly.

Concrete Removal and Repair at Wethersfield, CT

Flats saw cut

Bad concrete removed
New drainage and sub-grade installed then placed and finished correctly

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