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Rampage is a skater owned and operated company dedicated to quality skatepark design, skatepark construction, and skatepark installation.

Company Profile



Rampage has been designing, engineering, constructing, and installing skatepark equipment since 1995. Our primary clients are municipalities, the military, private organizations, and the general public as well (our "backyard" line of skatepark equipment). Rampage designs a full line of skatepark equipment - skateboard ramps, halfpipes, quarterpipes, grind rails, and more - that will withstand the test of time and use. Steel, concrete, and steel strut frames with a fiber laminate surface are the primary materials used in the construction of our equipment.

Rampage is an advisory board member for construction standards for steel ramp construction with The Skatepark Association of the United States of America and an A.S.T.M. voting member for the creation of skatepark guidelines F08-66-03.


In recent years, the skatepark industry has evolved away from custom designed unique equipment to pre-manufactured ramps arranged and packaged by playground distributors with no skateboarding background. The result is higher costs, predatory bid practices and skateparks that offer little challenge, awkward skating lanes and frustrated skaters.

At Rampage, we believe that skateparks should be unique and challenging environments suited for the sports of skateboarding and inline skating as are golf courses to all levels of club swingers. It is our opinion that great skateparks are created with input from local skaters, a professional design team of skaters and builders, the site and its environment, and the support of local government. Our experience has shown this to be true, and this is the approach we take toward all of our projects.

For a more in-depth discussion, see this Landscape Architect article. (PDF format)

About the Owner

David Peterson, owner of Rampage, has traveled the country extensively both skating and installing skateparks. David is a skateboard and inline skating instructor certified with The International Inline Skating Association and The United Skateboarding Association. David also sits on the newly established A.S.T.M. committee for the establishment of Skate Park design and construction guidelines.

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